Habitat Return 


An unseen bow to silence

of dry stone and clear light

Lines meet

in casual dissolve

towards another timescale

Material and immaterial erosions herald

the impossibility of returning to



The desert stark, teeming

begins again toward

the softness of the rugged, barren

all edges worn to round

great bon bons of rosy

terra cotta stone

rigid pillows, slipping and crumbling

undulating mounds soft to eye, coarse to touch

Resonant silences: an audience, deepening attention

bodily incantations become new states of being

erode the self, here

Transformation rites


pineapples, a shed skin, cactus clump,

any thing of any origin

all parts of itself to itself, mirror to the void

a gentle bondage to the corporeal, to the land 

no myths of American western landscape

flesh of stone, body of salt,