“Untouchable” presented by momenta art at the 2019 spring/break art fair

March 5—11, 2019

866 UN Plaza, New York, NY

Second Floor, Booth E23

Jesse Bransford / Mollie McKinley / James Mills / David Nyzio / Zachary Skinner / Colleen Smiley / Kazumi Tanaka

My new salt and blown glass sculpture, “Salt Cradle,” will be on view at SPRING/BREAK 2019: Fact or Fiction. This is part of a new + larger body of work, where I plunge my salt sculptures into eggs of molten glass.

The work is presented in Momenta Art’s “Untouchable” booth, exploring the veiled and unseen. The original exhibition of “Untouchable” was held in an abandoned bar by the same name in Newburgh, New York. Curator Eric Heist interprets this word towards a spiritual and poetic end:

“As we get closer to something it seems further away. What means do we have to get closer to the Unseen? Artists create systems to make the unimaginable and overwhelming into something within reach. This collection of work attempts to define and make visible means of communication and sustenance. A bar is a place of refuge while it hastens our downfall, where we can be out of reach of the forces that close in upon our everyday. The inevitable gets delayed and becomes less distinct. Within this site of indistinction and blurriness other realities enter, alluding to sacred spaces, to more distinct models of consciousness and possibility, to hopeful futures just out of reach.”

Salt is alchemical, representing the body and ritual in mystic traditions. I am interested in creating a space of softness and rest for what, alchemically speaking, is the “salt body.” In my newest work, I pair the salt erosions with blown glass. I use my weight to press the salt sculpture into a molten pillow of hot glass. The semi-collapsed egg/pillow of glass is both an empty void, and supportive structure, for the salt body.

The 2019 S/B exhibition aims for works dealing with self-mythology, history, memory, cultural conspiracy, propaganda, appropriation, psychedelia, and/or a focus on subjects related to the utterly un-provable—the occult, religious, pseudoscientific, and pseudohistorical, pseudepigraphica to mythopoetica.



I’m excited to announce my partnership with Artfare, a new digital platform connecting artists, curators, and collectors. The inaugural exhibition opens Feb. 1 in New York City.

Artfare is a digital platform that represents a curated group of New York based artists, facilitating studio visits, editorial features, sales, and exhibitions. It is an exciting alternative to traditional brick and mortar gallery representation models.

Download the app for iOS here (versions for Android will be released later in 2019).

My works available on Artfare include salt/glass sculptures, and photography (viewable through the app.)


2018 Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship 

I'm pleased to announce that I have been named a 2018 Fellow by the Creative Glass Center of America at Wheaton Arts.

My project in development is a series of lead crystal glass nebulas kiln-cast from salt originals, to be produced at their casting facility in winter 2018.